ICOM-ASPAC Conference and General Assembly 2015

ICOM-ASPAC Conference and General Assembly 2015

Register for this year’s ICOM-ASPAC Conference and General Assembly in Iloilo City, Philippines from 3-7 December. Members of ICOM’s global network are encouraged to join the event that will also be attended by policy makers, academics, partners from the business and development sectors, and other stakeholders. The chosen theme is “Pathways for Museums for a Sustainable Society”, which echoes the 2015 International Museum Day theme of “Museums for a Sustainable Society.”

While ICOM’s partners are individually positioning themselves beyond the heritage field to expand their roles as cultural driving forces for sustainable development, the United Nations’ recent decision to adapt 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development underscores the need for ICOM to unify the efforts of its members to create the greatest possible impact. The 2015 ICOM-ASPAC Conference and General Assembly is an important step towards answering this challenge. The event is an opportunity for the international ICOM community to recognize its role in defining, promoting and implementing sustainable development practices.

At the event, there will be opportunities for you to gain new insights on museums and sustainable development from our museum colleagues all over the region and from the ICOM network, and to voice your concern and views on issues affecting the work of museum professionals and stakeholders. You shall also get a chance to meet and establish possible partnerships with peers and other involved organizations in museum and culture building sector.

We also invite you to participate in the event’s ICOM-ASPAC 2015 Museums Fair, which will provide the venue for promoting and marketing the culture, museums, and places in your beautiful country. Fair mechanics and registration forms will be posted soon.

For additional inquiries, please contact the ICOM-Philippines Secretariat through email (icomph.secretariat@yahoo.com), telefax (+632 550 2218).

We look forward to seeing you in Iloilo City, Philippines!

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Fill-out and submit via email the correct registration form (for residents of the Philippines, for non-residents) to confirm your participation.

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Iloilo City Awaits You

Above: Miag-ao Church was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines in 1993.

For more examples of what you can see in Iloilo, please check out our facebook page.